About Us

Indonesian Frozen Seafood Manufacturer

Jala Sembilan

Jala Sembilan, founded in 2009, is an Indonesian company engaged in trading seafood consumer goods equipped with processing facilities, and cold storage.

Jala Sembilan’s main products are a staple food for most Indonesian families. Affordable, readily available products such as mackerel and tuna are some of the Indonesian people’s most widely consumed wild-caught fish and contribute more than 50% of the Company’s total sales. Our Value-Added Seafood Products include Fillet, Loin, Steak, and Processed Seafood (Fish balls, Nugget, and Tempura).

Jala Sembilan also sells pasteurized crab meat – a crab meat product that has been pasteurized in cans and is popular in the United States of America (manufactured by a subsidiary).

Other Seafood Companies Merely Purchase The Fish They Produce. Unlike Them, We Also Catch It!

Why do we know so much about the seafood we sell? Because we catch a lot of it ourselves aboard our own fleet of vessels. We know our fish from the moment we catch it to the time it leaves the loading dock in a carton, bound for a seafood restaurant or retail market. It’s this intimate knowledge and understanding of the ocean and our own products that sets us apart from our competition.

Our Vision & Mission


To become a global seafood company with the highest quality product in Indonesia.


  • Establish good and mutual partnership with all partners.
  • Produce highest quality product to achieve customer satisfaction.
  • Committed to build partnership with responsible and environmentally friendly supplier to ensure continuous and sustainable supply.

Efficient Operational Flow From Upstream to Downstream

We are a vertically integrated company that operates our own set of fishing fleets, collecting vessel, processing facilities, transportation, and retail stores (cold storage).

We have invested significant time and capital expenditures to achieve this in- house cold-chain infrastructure which would be difficult for our competitors to replicate easily.

Overall, our synergy between departments results in  more cost-effective operations and higher level of quality control in the supply chain.

We offers a one-stop procurement center by marketing ranges of seafood products including raw materials, semi-finished products and finished products.

Board Of Directors

David H. Salim
President Director
G. Patricia Meliawati
Antoni M. Salim