ESG – Protecting the Community

Jala Sembilan orients their code of conduct to the Seafood Task Force, an industry-led organization driven by 35 commercial members as well as the world’s largest retailers such as Walmart. We aims to demonstrate continuous improvement across people, products, processes, and policy by setting out clear guidelines for all actors in the seafood supply chain, all the way from fishing vessels to the retailer, such as to avoid forced workers and ensure safety during operations.

Our goal is to continuously improve fishing industry in Indonesia, key strategies include:

  • Training fishers and supply chains to actively engage in fishery improvement projects (FIPs) that advance co-management.
  • Promoting co-management through government-led policy dialogues that enable fishers to have a voice in fisheries management at all relevant levels of decision making.
  • Introducing alternatives consumer goods products that uses raw material from sustainable fishing instead of the commonly used trawl vessel.
  • An example is with the Indonesian Blue Swimming Crab Association (APRI), we help fishers participate in fishery co-management, at provincial and village levels. We are engaging local fishing communities to generate better compliance with national regulations, use more environmentally friendly fishing gear, and help identify and protect crab breeding areas.